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March 2013

Social Engagement is the New SEO

Google’s Penguin isn’t cute, and neither is “old-school” search engine optimisation.

If you haven’t heard already, traditional SEO is as good as dead. In fact, the only thing that has remained constant throughout, is the need for site quality (removing errors, making sure pages are clean, with good content, that kind of thing).

Though it’s hard to judge exactly what Google’s refined algorithm is doing, it’s clear to see that relevancy is the key to your high ranking keywords. Relevancy, because Google wants to stay that way too.

The interesting element to current relevancy online seems to have a lot to do with two things: Social and Mobile.

Having a presence on Social Media, and more importantly, online sources with unmitigated posts, reviews and feedback from the general population seems to be the key moving forward.

Equally so, Mobile usage is exorbitantly high in Australia, so having mobile friendly content, and alleviating the clumsiness of transacting with you on mobiles is the future.

This only reiterates the fact you need a content strategy, with all other online elements spawning from that central requirement.

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